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On the other hand, if taxonomists do not get involved in the policy end of the business, we have no right to get cross when the policy end disregards taxonomy.  For years taxonomists have complained that there is no recognition of the importance of the discipline or its fundamental importance to other aspects of biology and biodiversity.  This situation is changing, thanks in part to the Global Taxonomy Initiative of the CBD.  The Convention process has given rise to the GTI, which calls upon govenments to undertake specific actions to support taxonomy, and for funders to support it.  By its existence, if we use it carefully, it helps governments and funders do this.  It has given rise to the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation, Target 1 of which (now tied to the GTI) is being used by taxonomists to raise support for their activities.  It has given rise to the International Pollinators Initiative, which is also providing support for taxonomists to do their work.  Given that the GTI exists, and is setting international policy on taxonomy in the context of conservation, sustainable use, and access to genetic resources, we can either have someone in the post who understands taxonomy, or have someone who has no idea what we do, and of the problems that exist.  Which would we prefer?   


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I can't imagine giving up ANY job for that one!

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> This mob do not want a taxonomist;  they are seeking a biopolitician.

You might say they want an ex-taxonomist; but I can't imagine giving up
a "real" taxonomy job for one like that.

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