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mmmmm.... somewhere I missed "Microflora of Malesiana", "Microflora of
Australia". Even the microflora of a kangaroo would probably list more
microbial species than there are vertebrates in Australia. It is, indeed
nice to see that taxonomic research in zoology and botany is starting to
benefit from the CBD and GTI. However, there does appear to a difference in
attitude towards flora/fauna vs microflora.

At 09:15 27.1.2005 +1100, Lyn.Craven at CSIRO.AU wrote:
>Brian (and the others) are correct.  The principle is great.
>When the principles get completed Flora Malesiana, Flora of Australia,
>and similar floristic and faunistic tools to provide the baseline
>knowledge for conservation, utilisation and research to proceed, we'll
>know it was all worth it.
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>In principle, yes, but it is the practice which is frustrating. Brian
>At 08:18 26.1.2005 -0600, cholewa wrote:
>>I agree with Chris!  For too long taxonomists (and scientists in
>>general) have poo-pooed getting involved in politics (both governmental
>>and academic).  Yet political arenas are where the policies are set
>>that affect our work.  Why not take such a job.
>>Anita F. Cholewa, Ph.D.
>>Curator of Temperate Plants
>>J.F. Bell Museum of Natural History
>>University of Minnesota
>>St. Paul  MN  55108  USA

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