UNEP Job posting - Taxonomist , Montreal

Lyn.Craven at CSIRO.AU Lyn.Craven at CSIRO.AU
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Brian,    I would not get my hopes up about CBD and GTI ever being fairy
godmothers to microorganisms.    If  the world has failed to give
adequate support to studying the Malesian rainforests, then what hope
for the micros?     Even though the biological systems, upon which both
rainforests and urban humanity rely for their survival, are based
ultimately upon interactions with micros,  no one in power really gives
a rodent's derriere.     Lyn

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mmmmm.... somewhere I missed "Microflora of Malesiana", "Microflora of
Australia". Even the microflora of a kangaroo would probably list more
microbial species than there are vertebrates in Australia. It is, indeed
nice to see that taxonomic research in zoology and botany is starting to
benefit from the CBD and GTI. However, there does appear to a difference
in attitude towards flora/fauna vs microflora. Brian

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