digitized botanical literature

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You neatly skate round the substance of my post. The Libri Fungorum web site took me a couple of days at the weekend to put together and I'm no professional web developer. The Gallica site shows evidence, in my opinion, of 'feature creep' at the expense of a pragmatic implementation which others can utilize. But thats just my opinion and I'm not a professional in this area ;-)



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  Le 5/07/05, à 7:47 +0100, nous recevions de Paul Kirk :

>I agree with Paul & Karen here however ...
>One of the most important aspects of these digital archives (digital
>Libraries) is the ability to link the digital objects (page images)
>they contain to other digital object on the web. The web has two
>basic types of pages (an oversimplification, but bear with me) -
>static pages or perhaps pages with static names whose content may
>vary as a result of updating, and dynamic pages produced as a result
>of user interaction typically with a database. The largest index of
>these 9 billion pages, Google, has always been able to index the
>content of static named pages (it can now even index the content of
>a pdf on these pages using (I assume) some sort of OCR). However,
>until recently database driven content was not index by Google
>although it is now. So, the global fungal nomenclator database at
>www.indexfungorum.org is now indexed by the Goggle bots even though
>the pages displaying the database content are all dynamically
>generated as a result of user queries. A list of names may be the
>starting point for nomenclatural and taxonomic research but with
>digital Libraries we now have the ability to link names from
>database to images of pages in books - a protologue is just a click
>aways and a long walk to the Library is not needed. For many that
>Library is not accessible and for most of us that protologue may
>only be available on another continent. With that in mind the Index
>Fungorum Partnership has developed a digital Library of published
>works relevant to the systematics of fungi (www.LibriFungorum.org) -
>we currently index 20,000 page images both hosted locally and linked
>to from other sources on the web. We do this using simple URLs. Some
>digital Libraries have implemented simple URLs to their digital
>objects. I'm afraid that Gallica has not and as such I cannot yet
>see how to implement these important links between names and page
>images available at Gallica.

    Par exemple, dans l'Index fungorum :


à Agaricus limonius

si on ne met que le lien vers l'ensemble de l'ouvrage, qui n'est pas
capable de se rendre à la page 56 en frappant ce chiffre dans
l'entrée « Aller page » ?

Agaricus limonius Fr.,
mycol. (Kjøbenhavn) 2: 56 (1818)

    Après tout, vous faites preuve de pragmatisme en mettant en ligne
des données non complètement vérifiées, souvent partiellement
inexactes, pour les rendre immédiatement accessibles. Ces données,
même si elles demandent à être contrôlées, sont très utiles au
mycologue et l'Index fungorum constitue un outil de travail. Le fait
de mettre un lien vers tout l'ouvrage plutôt que vers la page exacte
relèverait exactement du même bon pragmatisme.


    Jacques Melot

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>I agree with Paul that the quality of images on Gallica is not
>necessarily very good, but I also agree with Jacques that this is an
>invaluable resource for those of us without ready access to the
>originals - and there are many of us. We need the information
>usually for nomenclatural or taxonomic purposes, for which fine
>reproduction is not needed.
>Karen Wilson
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