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I have now entered chapters one through five at

With the later entries I increased the resolution slightly to give a
better result. For those botanists out there who want to look beyond
traditional dogma, chapter 5 provides a brief summary on the
Angiospermae. Twenty years ago this stuff was an anathema to most
botanists and bad enough that you would not want to be caught reading it
if you were a student. Perhaps things are better now, but I do not know.
Then many of Croizat's ideas were adopted throughout botany even though
they were suppressed in the dominant texts. If anything has changed I
would be interested to know. The chapter sections are:


Chapter 5: On the origin of the Angiospermae
pp. 347-358 A) Preliminaries 
<> pp. 358-365 B) The
origin of the Angiospermae in time 
<> pp. 366-369 C) The
origin of the Angiospermae in space 
<> pp. 369-399 D) The
origin of the Angiospermae, by form 
<> pp. 398-399 E)
Summary on the origin of the Angiospermae 
<> pp. 399-404 F)
Maheshwari's expert advice how to misunderstand angiospermy at its root 


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