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Geoff Read at NIWA.CO.NZ
Sat Jul 9 14:56:46 CDT 2005

Invertebrate Taxonomist, Wellington

NIWA is a leading environmental research institute and key provider of marine,
freshwater, and atmospheric research in New Zealand. We are seeking a research
scientist to join our Marine Biodiversity and Biosecurity group of biologists
and taxonomists to conduct research on the taxonomy, phylogeny and
biogeography of New Zealand’s marine invertebrate fauna.

The minimum qualification is a biological PhD. Experience in collections based
research, and monographic, revisionary or phylogenetic studies is desirable. A
strong publication record is essential. The primary research focus will be on
a major representative taxon of the New Zealand marine invertebrate fauna of
relevance to NIWA’s research programs and contracts, or otherwise in the
national interest in accordance with the New Zealand Government Biodiversity
Strategy. No taxon is being excluded from consideration.

The NIWA Invertebrate Collection holds marine invertebrates from almost all
phyla found in the New Zealand region (many meiobenthic taxa are not
represented) plus unsorted and residue samples, collected over many years of
marine taxonomic, biosecurity and biodiversity research in the New Zealand
region, the Southwest Pacific and the Ross Sea. The collection is arranged
taxonomically and holds over 100,000 containers (not all sorted to species),
representing several million specimens from more than 10,000 benthic and
sediment stations. The type collection contains more than 2000 specimens, now
registered in a database. Scientists in NIWA’s Marine Biodiversity and
Biosecurity Program have specialist skills in the systematics of benthic
(Isopoda and Amphipoda) and planktonic (Copepoda) Crustacea, Bryozoa,
Polychaeta, Porifera and macroalgae (and some microalgal taxa). The type and
main collections are being continually augmented through NIWA marine research
programs generally obtained by the NIWA vessels R.V. Tangaroa (ocean-going)
and R.V. Kaharoa (coastal). The collection is housed in a purpose-built museum
with rolling compacters, tank storage, and dedicated wet and dry labs.

***Applicants must respond to the selection criteria***

Applications close 5pm Friday 05 August, 2005.

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