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Gurcharan singhg at SATYAM.NET.IN
Mon Jul 11 04:46:52 CDT 2005

 "Max BILLAH" <mbillah at ICIPE.ORG> wrote

>There is this little question that bothers me a lot, and that is;

>How long does a new description continue to bear the "sp. n." attachment
>before it becomes accepted by the name alone???

Abbreviation sp. n. is used only in the original publication when author/s
publish a species new to science and it follows the bonomial and the author
name. Sp. n. is dropped in all future citations and is replaced by full
reference to the the original publication. I have tried to make this very
clear in my book (Plant Systematics: an Integrated Approach, Science
Publishers, USA)

Gurcharan Singh

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