Temporary closing of the Munich herbaria

Nico Cellinese nico.cellinese at YALE.EDU
Tue Jul 12 02:14:42 CDT 2005

Due to construction work, major parts of the herbarium at the
Botanische Staatssammlung Muenchen (M), Germany, will be closed from
August 2005 through approximately July 2006. This concerns the entire
collections of vascular plants (including the material of MSB),
lichens, lichenicolous fungi, all material of Agaricales/Boletales/
Russulales, Gasteromycetidae, smut and rust fungi, hepatics,
Andreaeideae, Anthocerotae as well as the main collections of slime
moulds and algae. Part of the Moss Collection is also affected.
During this period, we will be unable to grant new loans of the
groups concerned. Return loans, gifts of new material, and the
regular exchange programs will be processed as usual. We apologize
for any inconvenience.
Please consult our homepage www.botanischestaatssammlung.de for news
and updates.

The Curators

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