Request for seeds of North American Arabis

Adolf Ceska aceska at TELUS.NET
Sat Jul 16 11:49:28 CDT 2005

Grigory Gerashchenko from Ufa, Russia, is working on apomictic genera Arabis
and Boechera (=Arabis sensu lato). He needs to have seeds from America.  The
specific species he mentions are B. holboellii, B. falcifructa, and B. 
beckwithii, but I think there is so little known about which other species
may be apomictic, it would be that he should like to have any and all the
material he can get. It would be nice if you could include a voucher
specimen to check the correct identification.

         Grigory's mailing address is

Grigory A. Gerashchenko
Inst. of Biochemistry and Genetics
UFA Scientific Centre of RAS
Bldg. 69, Oktyabra
Ufa, Russia 450054

Email: apomixis at

Many thanks,

Adolf Ceska, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 

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