International Standards for Content Metadata for Biological Images

John D. Oswald j-oswald at TAMU.EDU
Wed Jul 20 14:07:54 CDT 2005

    Can anyone point me to any international metadata standards that have
been developed for querying/exchanging information about content associated
with biological images (e.g., digital photographs, scans, digitized print
images, ditigal SEM's, etc.). I am particularly interested in any attempts
to derive a standard set of data fields to document image "content", as
differentiated from fields documenting the history or technical parameters
associated with the capture of an image. Is there any concise international
standard for this? Something perhaps analogous to the DarwinCore standard
for exchanging/accessing specimen/observation records? I am especially
interested in standards that might be appropriate to adopt for the capture
of content information for entomological images of whole specimens, or
parts thereof.

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