Character Polarity (from Molecular taxonomy: on way out?)

Curtis Clark jcclark-lists at EARTHLINK.NET
Wed Jul 20 22:40:25 CDT 2005

On 2005-07-20 08:13, Derek Sikes wrote:
> However, I wonder if anyone, on either side of the debate (and so far
> it seems that Grehan is alone on his side), can point to a paper that
> shows a thorough comparison of 'a priori' polarization to 'a
> posteriori' polarization (a la Nixon & Carpenter '93).

Iirc, no one bothered, because with the parsimony algorithms of the time
(and perhaps still), the results were guaranteed to be identical
provided that (a) the same characters were used, and (b)
hand-polarization did not contradict the outgroup state.

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