Character Polarity (from Molecular taxonomy: on way out?)

John Grehan jgrehan at SCIENCEBUFF.ORG
Thu Jul 21 08:58:33 CDT 2005

If you believe that then you have nothing to worry about. Few people
know are have analyzed fully everything they have a strong opinion about
and I would predict that this applies to most if not all participants in
TAXACOM discussions. It's a well known fact that scientists cover up
their weaknesses of knowledge and understanding. It would probably be
career suicide to do otherwise.

I've seen the lack of technique analysis in biogeographic discussions on
TAXACOM where people have strong views on panbiogeography and on
dispersal without having analyzed the technique. However, I would not
simply say that they have disqualified all their statements. 

John Grehan

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> >Oh I do understand that. And perhaps unrooted trees are cladistic (I
> >admit to not having analyzed the technique),
> I'm sorry to state perhaps the obvious, but with this admission you
> effectively disqualified all -   repeat ALL - your statements in this
> debate and many similar previous debates.
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