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> I wrote:
> "..., but it would probably be best to say "the (Subgenus) elegans group
> Caenorhabditis...."  The parenthesis are necessary to show it is a
> subgenus."
> I forgot you said you didn't want to use subgeneric names.  Then just
> it like this.  "The (elegans) group of Caenorhabditis..."  This is per
> Article 6 on aggregates of species names.
> Ron Gatrelle


I suppose if someone wanted to be real ICZN Code pickey they would want you
to phrase it:  "The Caenorhabditis (elegans) group..." or:  " The
Caenorhabditis (elegans) xxxxx group..."   The xxxxxx would be the
nominotypical species epithet.  Ask your editor how they would want it.  It
they don't know....


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