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Ken Kinman kinman2 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jul 27 21:32:08 CDT 2005

      In that case, you should modify the ending of the species epithet (if necessary) according to the generic name with which you are now combining it (I believe Ron said this in his first response).  If you are splitting genera off that were lumped into one larger one, I assume the appropriate species ending may well already exist in the older literature.   Personally, being one who avoids the recognition of formal intermediate categories (including subgenera), I tend to like the idea of informal species groups.  Not that I would *necessarily* favor the resplitting of whatever genus you are referring to.  That would depend on the details of the particular case (which were not given).
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Karin wrote:
To not confuse you any further: I phrased my question in a bad way, sorry about that.
What I was asking was whether the ending of the epithet has to be changed when a species is transferred to a different genus. People in my field (Nematology) lumped genera and turned each of the old genera into a subgenus of the larger genus. This is why I was talking about subgenera.

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