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Wed Jun 1 13:27:31 CDT 2005

> I like to know if copyright apply also on description on
> genera or species.

1. A 'description' can not be copyrighted because it is just the report of an
'observation'. Everyone is able to rewrite it based on his own observations.
When accurately done all these descriptions will be identical in content but
will differ in the use of some words and in their layout.

2. A 'first description' or 'protologue' is copyrighted because it is a
'publication' (published in a particular journal on a
particular date with a particular layout).

When you publish a 'description in your own words' (what is done in all
monographs), you are in case 1.
When you make a digital scan of the protologue, you are in case 2.

In other words: a description can not be copyrighted in its content, just in its

Guido Mathieu

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