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Barry Roth barry_roth at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jun 1 07:35:01 CDT 2005

My advice is to go ahead and republish the description of any genus you wish.
This is in the spirit of taxonomic inquiry.  It is what publication within the
discipline of biological systematics is all about.  No scientific-minded person
should attack you if you do this.  On the other hand, do not republish an
entire (or nearly entire) recent work that contains the description of a genus.
 Limit your republication to the description itself and as much supporting
discussion as is necessary to clarify the author's concept of his/her new
genus.  Workers who need more than that should seek out the original
publication itself.  It will be helpful and appropriate for you to include
enough bibliographic reference information that interested persons can find the
original publication.

Barry Roth

--- "Vr.R.E.M.J..-B. BEJSAK-COLLOREDO-MANSFELD" <ricardo at ANS.COM.AU> wrote:

> Dear colleagues
> I like to know if copyright apply also on description on genera or species.
> I know that maybe I can republish description from journal older than 50
> years ( like Scleropatrum Reitter 1890) but Can I "republish" on my website
for example description of genus Bremerus published in 2004 in

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