Catalogue of New World Grasses

Robert Soreng Soreng.Rob at NMNH.SI.EDU
Wed Jun 1 18:58:42 CDT 2005

The Catalogue of New World Grasses web site has a new utility.  Now you
can retrieve lists of all accepted taxa by New World country, from Greenland
to  Argentina and Chile (typing Caribbean gets you lists for all the island
countries collectively as these are not currently subdivided).  Each name on
lists is linked to the CNWG taxon record, with information on original
publications, basionyms or types, synonyms, secondary literature citations
of the name, country distribution, specimen lists and maps, images, links to
other resources, etc.  There is also an option to email yourself these lists
(including original publications) as a good place to start with regional
checklists, floras, etc.  If you have been to the website recently you will
need to refresh your web browser's screen so that you see the "COUNTRY LISTS
OF ACCEPTED TAXA" below the individual taxon search box.  Much new data have
been added since the publication of the primary data in 4 volumes in the
Contributions from the U.S. National Herbarium (vols. 39, 41, 46 & 48). Old
World grass names data are also searchable via the site, although one can
often see more data for taxa that do not occur in the New World via the
W3Tropicos link where chromosome
numbers and specimen lists and maps are available for any name.  There are
about 79,000 grass names in Tropicos, from family down to forma.  The CNWG

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