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Thu Jun 2 19:24:25 CDT 2005

Few days ago I have been told that even name of insect is intellectual property and therefore cannot be used without author AND publisher agreement.


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  Dear Richard,

  Copyrights are applied for, and if the item appears in a document that is copyright protected, it probably is. However, how many ways can a person scientifically describe a species. I would guess only one or two are generally accepted and therefor difficult to enforce. As in other copyright protections, the individual holding a copyright would be responsible for enforcing it. So, the best way to be sure is to ask the author.

  IMHO, you are probably safe if it isn't narrative. If it is, simply ask.

  Regards, Ken Sayers

  On Jun 1, 2005, at 3:02 AM, Vr.R.E.M.J..-B. BEJSAK-COLLOREDO-MANSFELD wrote:

    Dear colleagues
    I like to know if copyright apply also on description on genera or species.
    I know that maybe I can republish description from journal older than 50 years ( like Scleropatrum Reitter 1890)
    Can I "republish" on my website for example description of genus Bremerus published in 2004 in Mitt.Mus.Nat.kd.Berl.Zool?
    Keep care and be of good cheer


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