PhD studentship in systematic entomology

Vladimir Gusarov vladimir.gusarov at NHM.UIO.NO
Thu Jun 2 17:49:29 CDT 2005

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Doctoral Research Fellow in zoology – Systematic entomology
Department of Zoology, Natural History Museum, University of Oslo

For further information please contact Dr Vladimir Gusarov, tel +47 
22851704, fax +47 22851832, email vladimir.gusarov at

Pay Grade:  38
Application deadline:  June 28, 2005
REF. NO.:  05/8339

To apply please send three copies of the CV, certificates of education, 
names and addresses of two referees, and a covering letter outlining 
relevant work experience, to the following address: Natural History Museum, 
University of Oslo, P.O. Box 1172 Blindern, N-0318 Oslo, Norway.

A 4 year doctoral research fellow position is available at the Department 
of Zoology, Natural History Museum.

The position is a part of the project “Phylogeny and taxonomy of the 
staphylinid beetle tribe Athetini (Insecta:  Coleoptera)”.  The aim of the 
project is to produce the phylogeny of the tribe, based on worldwide 
sampling of taxa and combination of molecular and morphological 
characters.  The research fellow will obtain and analyze DNA sequences and 
also participate in field work aiming to collect specimens suitable for DNA 

The successful applicant must have a M. Sc. degree or 
equivalent.  Experience in molecular techniques is important.  Training in 
systematic entomology and field work experience would be of advantage.

The position is tied to the Museum’s research program at the National 
Center of Biosystematics and recently established National Center for 
Insect Diversity (Nasjonalt senter for insektkartlegging).

The successful applicant will be registered for a PhD at the University of 
Oslo.  A stipend (pay grade 38) will be provided.

The appointment procedure is described in the “Guidelines for appointment 
as a research fellow” 
The appointment includes a probationary period of six months.  25 % of the 
time will be dedicated to compulsory work in the form of research 
assistance, teaching, field work and curatorial work in the insect collection.

According to the university policy, if several candidates are considered 
equally qualified for this position, preference will be given to a female 


Vladimir Gusarov, Ph.D.
Curator of Entomology
University of Oslo
Natural History Museum
Department of Zoology                        \\ /
P.O. Box 1172 Blindern                   ooooDD0-0C
NO-0318 Oslo                                 // \
Tel +47 22851703
Fax +47 22851837
email: vladimir.gusarov at

Visiting address:
Sars Gate 1
NO-0562 Oslo

Insect collection:
National center for insect diversity:


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