Duplicate taxonomic names

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That sounds familiar.
Microcyclus under the Bacteriological Code is illegitimate - a later
homonym of a fungal genus name - and has been replaced by Anyclobacter -
see John McNeill's mail.
Moorella is also a later homonym of a fungal genus name and is
illegitimate, but no-one has got around to creating a new name.
I think Rhodococcus and Catenococcus are also probably illegitimate under
the Bacteriological Code because the names are later homonyms of algal
generic names. The bacterial generic name Rhodococcus (been in use since
1891) is so well known in bacteriology that it would probably be difficult
to change it.

At 12:31 2.6.2005 -0500, Thomas G. Lammers wrote:
>At 12:19 PM 6/2/2005, Richard Jensen wrote:
>>As I recall, sometime during the past year there were some postings to
>>taxacom providing examples of identical botanical and zoological taxonomic
>Somewhere (probably in some BioCode discussion somewhere), I came across
>the fact that the following seven generic names apply to plant, animal, AND
>microbe (all three codes):
>Catenococcus, Kingella, Microcyclus, Moorella, Morganella, Rhodococcus,
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