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Richard and others:

I am sorry, but I should not tried to be funny, but to have made it

There are two issues which are totally separate:

one is copyright which is a legal issue and the other is plagarism
which is an academic / ethical issue.

People tend to confuse them. Regardless of what one does about
copyright, one must always, if they are to be considered a scientist,
ethical, etc., respect the intellectual property of the creator,
regardless of who is the legal copyright holder, by giving proper

I am a US Government employee, so all the work I do can be freely
copied, used, etc., by any one in the World. However, anyone who uses my
work without giving proper attribution to me, the author, violates the
standards of our profession. And would, for example, violate the US
Federal Policy on Research Misconduct. So, Richard, if MOBOT removes
your name from your work whether it be digital, printed, copyrighted by
them (that is, work for hire), or whatever, then MOBOT would have
committed plagiarism and would be barred from receiving Federal funds,
such as NSF grants.

And unfortunately, plagarism is not unusual. Yes, Richard is right.
There are cases where subsequent workers have claimed credit for work of
their deceased predecessors. Many of these cases involve unpublished
manuscripts, but both copyright and plagarism also extend to "created,"
but unpublished work.

Oh, well ...

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Well, most of us are concerned about our legacy. Even if who we
actually are
is forgotten, a name on a publication tells future generations that
cared enough to do the work and that it was a work of individual
and passion, not a "team effort."

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Your comments are very interesting and just start illustrating some of
the copyright issues. Do you get NSF or government funding? Read the
contract terms. Most never do, but there are assignment clauses
in them.

But it was your last line that got me:

What if you are dead?

Well, then I won't worry about my rights any more!


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