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With my tongue in my cheek, I suggest you contact a distillery to
find out what temps EtOH fractions off at.  Having said that,
you may have all sorts of other chemicals coming across at the
same temp that you do not want, so you had better do a series
of experimental runs first.  Also,  try the Chem dept at the
university.  This the kind of thing they would probably enjoy.
Robin Leech

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Subject: ETOH recycling

Dear all,

does anyone know wether it's possible to recycle ETOH solutions for DNA
I often have to change the solution of the jars where I preserve fishes
(initial conc.: 95%vol= 92.4%wt) and I wonder wether there's a method to
recycle all that expensive ETOH solution!
I tried to distill it, but I don't know how to determine the ETOH
concentration from the boiling temperature of the solution.
Of course the solution that I intend to recycle contains lots of components
that the samples (fishes, in my case) released.
The second and third fractions have a boiling temp. of 82-85°C, much higher
than the boiling point of the azeotrope (95wt% ETOH: about 78°C)...

Is there a "rule of thumb" method?
I have to obtain a 90-95% ETOH solution at last.




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