Published Conservation Status, a new set of information available from the TROPICOS database

Jim.Solomon at MOBOT.ORG Jim.Solomon at MOBOT.ORG
Wed Jun 15 14:34:31 CDT 2005

A new category of information, "Published Conservation Status", is now being
added to the Missouri Botanical Garden's TROPICOS database.

Published conservation assessments for plant species are being compiled,
with each status report linked to the two publications on which the
assessment is based: the publication where the status assessment is made and
the classification system on which the status assessment is based.
Presently only IUCN and CITES conservation status assessments are displayed,
however work is underway to add classification systems published by other
conservation groups.

Each conservation status report is also categorized as either "Global",
applying to a species throughout its range, or "National", where an
assessment is made for only one country for a species with a multi-nation

The Published Conservation Status is linked to the species name that was
accepted in the publication where the status assessment is made.  For each
status assessment a short explanation of the general meaning of the status
category is provided in English, French and Spanish.

This new information can be displayed by entering the name of a species on
the name query screen of w3TROPICOS,, and then
clicking on the "Published Conservation Status" box located near the bottom
of the name screen.

Information is currently available for approximately 700 plant species,
mostly from South America, and additional data are being added regularly.
Some examples of taxa for which data are available are: Agave arizonica,
Aphelandra sulphurea, Bertholletia excelsa, Coffea fotsoana, Hyperacanthus
mandenensis, and Oreomunnea pterocarpa.

Any comments about the data or the display maybe directed to Charlotte
Taylor (charlotte.taylor at

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