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Kurt Milton Pickett kpickett at AMNH.ORG
Wed Jun 22 11:18:54 CDT 2005

I am as big a fan of public broadcasting as anyone I know, but this forum
is not an appropriate venue for dissemination of information of this kind.
 I don't want TAXACOM to become a haven of spam; I get enough of that

I am fairly new to TAXACOM, and maybe this matter has been addressed
before, but it seems to me that postings should, in good faith, adhere the
obvious intent of the list.  While there might be reasoned debate about
the parameters of that intent, public broadcasting is clearly outside.


> For those of you who are fans of Public Broadcasting, you might be
> interested in clicking below to read about proposed funding cuts which
> Congress could be voting on as early as tomorrow:
>    http://www.pbs.org/takeaction

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