one last Fulgorid request

Doug Yanega dyanega at UCR.EDU
Thu Jun 30 22:40:41 CDT 2005

Hi. Apologies for crossposting. I'm trying to finish off a revision
of a group of American (Honduras north to the central US) Fulgorid
planthoppers; I've tried most of the individual institutions likely
to have significant holdings, so this is one last attempt to find
additional specimens - there are 6 new taxa that we have descriptions
of so far, including some from the "Sky Island" ranges of AZ, NM, and
northern Chihuahua (and they commonly come to black lights, meaning
many moth collectors who visit AZ during monsoon season encounter
specimens), which means a large potential for paratypes, at least
from those taxa. We'd be especially interested in seeing material
from ranges *other* than the Chiricahuas, Huachucas, Santa Ritas, and
Pinalenos. Anywhere in New Mexico, especially, or specimens
specifically from Brownsville, TX. They are most commonly lumped in
collections under Alphina glauca Metcalf (the type of which is lost,
evidently - anyone who knows where it is, please contact me!), but
may also appear in older collections as Calyptoproctus marmoratus. A
"typical" specimen is pictured at - most of the taxa are very
similar to this in appearance, with hemihyaline wings, though the
Mesoamerican species may have other colors (such as magenta or green
on the forewings, or blue on the hindwings). We are also interested
in seeing material of any Scaralis species *other* than neotropicalis
and nigronotata; we especially hope to find someone with specimens of
S. obscura or S. picta we can examine.
The study should be finished in August, so there's still a little
time to play with. Please contact me off-list; note that I'll be away
from the office from July 2-10, but will reply as soon as practical
to any responses.

Thanks in advance,

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