Correcting misspelled botanical names

Pacific Rim paige at HILLKEEP.CA
Thu Jun 30 23:26:14 CDT 2005

Dear nomenclature experts:

What if a botanical name as first published is misspelled? What if
the misspelling is a typo? Are we allowed to correct the error, or are we
stuck with it forever?

In his revision of The Genus Epimedium, published in 2002, the late W.T.
Stearn refers to Epimedium borealiguizhouense,
first published by "S.Z. He and Y.K. Yang in J. Pl. Resources and Environm 2
(4): 51-53 (1993) (as  baiealiguizhouense)."  Stearn was
of course a dab hand at botanical Latin; but it has been suggested to me
that under the current Code, we aren't supposed to correct even errors like
this one. Can anyone tell me for sure?

I am wondering what to call my plant: borealiguizhouense or

Paige Woodward
paige at

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