Spelling of vernacular names

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Re layout of common names.

People may be interested in the following report where I make a number of recommendations on layout of Common names:

Chapman, A.D. (2004l). Guidelines on Biological Nomenclature. Brazil edition. Appendix J to Sistema de Informação Distribuído para Coleções Biológicas: A Integração do Species Analyst e SinBiota. FAPESP/Biota process no. 2001/02175-5 March 2003 – March 2004. Campinas, Brazil: CRIA 11 pp. http://splink.cria.org.br/docs/appendix_j.pdf.



>From Robin Leech <releech at TELUSPLANET.NET> on 3 Mar 2005:

> Piotr,
> Except for birds in North America, where there has been a preference
> to use a designated common name only, and no scientific name, no
> capitals are needed.
> However, if a proper word is incluced in the name, then that word
> is capitalized, e.g., Mexican bearded weevil, or if the name is used
> at the beginning of a sentence, e.g., "Bearded weevils are...".
> Check the 1992, 6th edition, of the CBE Style Manual.
> Robin Leech
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> Subject: Spelling of vernacular names
> Greetings,
> Since we are on the subject of vernacular names I would like to ask a
> somewhat related question regarding the proper spelling of vernacular
> names
> in English. Should vernacular names be capitalized, and if so, should
> all
> component words be capitalized or just the first one? For example, the
> vernacular name of Rhinostomus barbirostris could be spelled the Bearded
> Weevil, the Bearded weevil, or the bearded weevil. Which one of these is
> the
> correct one?
> Cheers,
> Piotr
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