Spelling of vernacular names

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The American Arachnological Society, through its Common Names Committee,
has developed a list of common names of arachnids.  The committee has
established criteria which must be satisfied in order for a species to
even have a common name. In case you're interested in seeing the list
and the criteria, go to this website and click on 'Common and Scientific
Names of Arachnids.'


To address Piotr's question, common names for arachnids only capitalize
proper nouns.  Common names are also restricted to 3 words (4 words if,
e.g., a country name consists of two words).  For example, Aphonopelma
chalcodes is the 'desert blond tarantula,' Aphonopelma hentzi is the
'Texas brown tarantula,' and Aphonopelma seemani is the 'Costa Rican
zebra tarantula.'



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Since we are on the subject of vernacular names I would like to ask a
somewhat related question regarding the proper spelling of vernacular
names in English. Should vernacular names be capitalized, and if so,
should all component words be capitalized or just the first one? For
example, the vernacular name of Rhinostomus barbirostris could be
spelled the Bearded Weevil, the Bearded weevil, or the bearded weevil.
Which one of these is the correct one?





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