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Fabian Haas haas.smns at NATURKUNDEMUSEUM-BW.DE
Fri Mar 4 15:26:35 CST 2005

Well, as a German I did not feel offended by Edwards (did not find your
fore name) suggestion. You can hardly suggest transfering the German
grammar to any other language (though it has its merits) ... And many
Germans (including me) would be happy with a less extensive grammar.

One aspect of capitalized letters is that they help reading. Capital
letters structure a sentencs, give some ankers for the eye to read, and
so I still find German easier to read than English with less capitalized
letters. Species names with capitalized letters would also make clear
which of the words belong to the species name and which are a further
decription. And easier to find if you are reading fast and search only
for key words. Then species names would be pop out much clearer.

Apart from this I dont mind the grammer ...



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