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Garland, Mark garlanm1 at DOACS.STATE.FL.US
Fri Mar 4 09:48:43 CST 2005

My new favorite vernacular name, from

> No common name
> Calyptranthes thomasiana
> Family: Myrtaceae
> Group: Flowering Plants


>   * Federal Register documents that apply to the No common name.
>   * Habitat Conservation Plans (HCP) in which No common name
occurrence has been     recorded.
>   * Petitions received on the No common name.
>   * USFWS Refuges on which the No common name is reported.


> The No common name was first listed on February 18, 1994. It is
currently designated as > Endangered in the Entire Range. 

Note that "No" is always capitalized.  I can't wait to see the No common

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