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Richard Petit r.e.petit at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Fri Mar 4 11:03:11 CST 2005

"No common name" is as good an identification tool as is Calyptranthes
thomasiana.  If one cares enough to find out what this really is, how can
one locate the original description to be positive about it?  I am amazed
that the US Fish & Wildlife Endangered Species List, for example, contains
both common names and binomina, but does not attribute the binomina to

Why don't plant and vertebrate systematists attribute names?  Unless the
original description can be located. anyone using unattributed names is
simply doing copywork and basing names on someone's concept that may not at
all be in accordance with the original description of the animal or plant.

Just asking as all of the journals with which I am familiar require
authorship and date of all taxa mentioned as well as a reference to the
original description with that reference given in full (i.e., journal titles
spelled out, etc.).

Dick P.
r.e.petit at

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