So much for nomenclatural stability

Piotr Naskrecki p.naskrecki at CONSERVATION.ORG
Tue Mar 8 09:52:57 CST 2005

I wonder how, in practical terms, is the Turkish government going to
implement these changes. Are they going to appeal to the ICZN? If so,
they will be laughed at (hopefully.) I am afraid that they will try to
enforce a taxonomic censorship on its scientists.
But this is really not very different from the case discussed on
Taxacom a couple of years ago (I think) of the case of an orchid named
after a collector who illegally brought it back from its native
country. In that case the orchid was named after the collector, and the
name was pronounced politically incorrect and was to be changed. Not
sure what happened in the end.

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