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Anent the science fiction author eponym of 

Psephophorus terrypratchetti, Kohler 1995, I published 

Didymodon jackvancei Zander 

in 1993 as a new name for the moss Husnotiella plicata Magill.

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From: Doug Yanega [mailto:dyanega at UCR.EDU]
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Subject: [TAXACOM] Fwd: images of "curious" species needed

This was originally directed to me, because of my web page listing
curious scientific names (http://cache.ucr.edu/~heraty/yanega.html),
but I have no images of any of them to pass along to this journalist.
If anyone here can assist them, it would be appreciated (please
e-mail them directly to Susanne rather than responding to either
myself or the list).

>From: Freierma2 Wissenschaft <Freierma2.Wissenschaft at sueddeutsche.de>
>Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2005 10:54:04 +0100
>Background: As science journalist and biologist, I´m just writing an
>article about zoological nomenclature and scientific name-calling.
>The article will be published in the science magazine "WISSEN", a
>product of the daily "Sueddeutsche Zeitung", one of the most
>renowned newspapers in Germany. Me and my colleagues were looking
>for funny species-names (Bufonaria borisbeckeri for example is very
>interesting for us in Germany!) and I already talked to Wolfgang
>Böhme, a german member of the ICZN. We found quiet a lot of
>interesting zoological names but - it´s extremely difficult to find
>photographs of these animals.
>My urgent question: Could you send me images of  some of the
>following animals:
>Sorolopha bruneiregalis, Tuck & Robinson, 1994
>                 Mozartella beethoveni, Giraud 1926
>                 Strigiphilus garylarsoni, Clayton
>                 Eristalis gatesi, Thompson
>                 Bufonaria borisbeckeri
>                 Draculoides bramstokeri
>                 Leonardo davincii
>                 Hortipes terminator
>                 Orsonwelles othello, O. macbeth, O. falstaffius, Hormiga
>                 Pinocchio,  Pagliano & Scaramozzino 1990
>                 Dalailama, Staudinger 1896
>                 Baeturia laureli und Baeturia hardyi, De Boer 1986
>                 Mackenziurus johnnyi, M. joeyi, Adrian & Edgecombe 1997
>                 Pheidole harrisonfordi, Wilson 2002
>                 Psephophorus terrypratchetti, Kohler 1995
>                 Stylaclista quasimodo, Early
>  You don´t have to worry about the publishing rights, we don´t want
>to publish the photographs. But our graphic artists could use them
>to create  illustrations. We would simply like to know how these
>species look like.
>And do you have any other ideas where I could get pictures of other
>rare species with funny names? At the moment, I really have a
>problem... the article should be finished within the next few days...
>It would make me extremely happy if you could help me with some
>informations - and typical for journalists: as soon as possible.
>Thank you very much!
>Susanne Lummer
>Süddeutsche Zeitung
>Redaktion Wissenschaft
>Sendlinger Str.8
>80331 München
>Mail: freierma2.wissenschaft at sueddeutsche.de
>Tel.: 0049 / 89 / 2183--536
>Fax: 0049 / 89 / 2183-8482


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