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What is interesting is that WISSEN is apparently following up the
article that appeared two weeks ago in the Sunday New York Times. Four
of those species appear in that article.

oh, well ...

>>> Doug Yanega <dyanega at UCR.EDU> 03/09/05 12:06PM >>>
This was originally directed to me, because of my web page listing
curious scientific names (http://cache.ucr.edu/~heraty/yanega.html),
but I have no images of any of them to pass along to this journalist.
If anyone here can assist them, it would be appreciated (please
e-mail them directly to Susanne rather than responding to either
myself or the list).

>From: Freierma2 Wissenschaft <Freierma2.Wissenschaft at sueddeutsche.de>
>Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2005 10:54:04 +0100
>Background: As science journalist and biologist, I m just writing
>article about zoological nomenclature and scientific name-calling.
>The article will be published in the science magazine "WISSEN", a
>product of the daily "Sueddeutsche Zeitung", one of the most
>renowned newspapers in Germany. Me and my colleagues were looking
>for funny species-names (Bufonaria borisbeckeri for example is very
>interesting for us in Germany!) and I already talked to Wolfgang
>B√∑hme, a german member of the ICZN. We found quiet a lot of
>interesting zoological names but - it s extremely difficult to find
>photographs of these animals.
>My urgent question: Could you send me images of  some of the
>following animals:
>Sorolopha bruneiregalis, Tuck & Robinson, 1994
>                 Mozartella beethoveni, Giraud 1926
>                 Strigiphilus garylarsoni, Clayton
>                 Eristalis gatesi, Thompson
>                 Bufonaria borisbeckeri
>                 Draculoides bramstokeri
>                 Leonardo davincii
>                 Hortipes terminator
>                 Orsonwelles othello, O. macbeth, O. falstaffius,
Hormiga 2002
>                 Pinocchio,  Pagliano & Scaramozzino 1990
>                 Dalailama, Staudinger 1896
>                 Baeturia laureli und Baeturia hardyi, De Boer 1986
>                 Mackenziurus johnnyi, M. joeyi, Adrian & Edgecombe
>                 Pheidole harrisonfordi, Wilson 2002
>                 Psephophorus terrypratchetti, Kohler 1995
>                 Stylaclista quasimodo, Early
>  You don t have to worry about the publishing rights, we don t
>to publish the photographs. But our graphic artists could use them
>to create  illustrations. We would simply like to know how these
>species look like.
>And do you have any other ideas where I could get pictures of other
>rare species with funny names? At the moment, I really have a
>problem... the article should be finished within the next few days...
>It would make me extremely happy if you could help me with some
>informations - and typical for journalists: as soon as possible.
>Thank you very much!
>Susanne Lummer
>Snddeutsche Zeitung
>Redaktion Wissenschaft
>Sendlinger Str.8
>80331 Mnnchen
>Mail: freierma2.wissenschaft at sueddeutsche.de
>Tel.: 0049 / 89 / 2183--536
>Fax: 0049 / 89 / 2183-8482


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