Fwd: images of "curious" species needed

Wed Mar 9 20:40:10 CST 2005

Chris Thompson wrote:

> What is interesting is that WISSEN is apparently following up the
> article that appeared two weeks ago in the Sunday New York Times.
That may be because the Sueddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) has an ongoing
cooperation with the NYT. For example, every Monday the SZ carries a
very nice additional section with articles from the NYT (in English,
of course).

I suppose, they could have just printed the NYT original, but why not,
e.g., put a special German spin on it? Besides, international
newsmakers (love the word!) pick up on competitors' material all the
time. Bad news if the first one out with a story has it wrong
(remember "Gore wins!" or, in Germany, the 'Hitler diaries' some years

Do any U.S. news products carry additions in any non-European language
other than English? Yes, I know, that's foreign matter to TAXACOM, and
probably too political ... ;-)

Martin Spies
c/o Zoologische Staatssammlung Muenchen

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