Latin names versus scientific names [was: So much for nomenclatural stability]

Lyn.Craven at CSIRO.AU Lyn.Craven at CSIRO.AU
Thu Mar 10 09:31:31 CST 2005

Please note that this is not meant in any way as a personal criticism of
Matt's use of the term "latin names".  Canberra's daily  newspaper did
the same thing the other day, and it's been on my mind since.  In fact,
I think it is a fairly frequent slip that systematists use "Latin

What this thread is about is not the Latin name or the Greek name or the
Turkish name, or whatever, it is about the scientific name.

If the Turks want to change the common name in Turkish from (the
hopefully fictitious) "Armenian hopping mouse" to  "Turkish hopping
mouse", IMHO that is a matter for the Turkish population.

But, I think it an absurdity that anyone should seriously support any
moves to change (the equally fictitious) "Mus armeniensis" to "Mus

Regards,     Lyn

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For those of you who may be interested, Turkey plans to change the latin
names of three animals found on its territory to remove references to
Kurdistan or Armenia.

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