Fwd: images of "curious" species needed

Fabian Haas haas.smns at NATURKUNDEMUSEUM-BW.DE
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Dear all,

concerning the images: please chaeck out the http://www.piclease.com
site which is specialising in nature picture.

Concerning languages: I am running a website on earwig biology, with a
database for vernacular and common names (earwigs only), see

If anybody knows more names (142 already there) for Dermaptera in any
language, please tell me! I would be happy to include that. Naturally,
the origin of this information, i.e. your email and name will appear.


murray.fletcher at AGRIC.NSW.GOV.AU wrote:

>A photograph of Strigiphilus garylarsoni Clayton was published by Gary
>Larson in one of his volumes of cartoons, along with Clayton's letter
>asking him for permission to name a louse after him. It was rumoured that
>Larson's publication of the name preceded Clayton's although I don't know
>that for sure.
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