Latin names versus scientific names [was: So much for nomenclatural stability]

Thomas G. Lammers lammers at UWOSH.EDU
Thu Mar 10 07:27:47 CST 2005

At 01:15 AM 3/10/2005, Richard Pyle wrote:
> > 'Tis a cladist's perspective.  There are still surviving members of the
>dying breed of naturalists who see evolutionary relationships as being one
>of the most important kinds of information communicated among taxonomists
>via scientific nomneclature -- but not the *only* kind of information.<

Or perhaps more importantly, that we eschew the absolute dependence on only
ONE kind of evolutionary information -- branching pattern.  Some of us
prefer a more wholistic and naturalistic perspective on evolution and
classification than the stringently artificial and monothetic view of
cladistics.  We prefer to take into account *all* aspects of evolution
rather than determining a priori, as Linnaeus did with stamen and carpel
number, that branching pattern is THE most important character to use in

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