Phemeranthus, Nelumbo

Peter Stevens peter.stevens at MOBOT.ORG
Thu Mar 10 13:51:00 CST 2005

Can anybody get hold of any Si gel material of Phemeranthus?  Reto
Nyffeler et al. would like some for studies on the Cactaceae area.
Also, does anybody know of any seed sources for Nelumbo?  I was
looking at an embryo the other day, and thinking how the plant was
supposed to grow, and realised that I could not make head or tail of
what might really be going on.  But maybe development would help, so
if  I could grow up some seedlings, that would be a good start.  Of
course, i could raid the herbarium, but I do not think that would be

Please reply off list.

Peter S.

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