So much for nomenclatural stability

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Besides Morellus, Eaton also introduced the name Vexillaria (Man. Bot.:
80. 1817) as a substitute for Clitoria, with the following footnote:
"This name is given as a substitute of the 1712th genus of Persoon,
which is so severely censured by Dr. [James Edward] Smith in Rees'
Cyclopaedia." Eaton did not consider himself a botanist but rather a
popularizer of the field (see TL-2; Merrill and Reeder. Bartonia 24:
26-77). As such, I guess he saw a need to replace what he saw as "R"
rated names with "G" alternatives.


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At 07:50 AM 3/9/2005, Paul Kirk wrote:
>Here is an example of an attempt to make the name of a fungus morally 
>The well know fungus genus Phallus Junius ex L. 1753 (the common 
>stikhorn is Phallus impudicus) is so named for obvious reasons. In 1818

>the american botanist Amos Eaton published the genus Morellus to 
>replace Phallus with the diagnosis, if I recall correctly, 'A 
>substitute for a vile name' - nomenclatural stability was preserved and

>the name was declared superfluous (illegitimate) when the ICBN arrived.

Interesting.  I didn't know that.  Makes me wonder if anyone similarly
tried to do something about Clitoria mariana.

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