Phylum Pteridophyta (classification modified)

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Sun Mar 13 17:15:47 CST 2005

on 2005-03-13 16:42 Ken Kinman wrote:
 > And if you want to group Archaeopteris with Cycas, that's great.  I
 > actually did that in my 1994 classification by shifting Class
 > Progymnospermopsida into Phylum Pinophyta (as the basalmost Class).

You've almost got it! Take all those rhyniophytes and horneophytes and
such and put them in a plesion, pull out the zosterophyllophytes and
lycophytes into a Phylum Lycophyta, to best show their divergence from
the trimerophyte/megaphyllous line, and you've got a classification of
vascular plants that I would happily teach, since all the taxa would be

Now let's work on the bryophytes....

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