Opening dates Paris Museum?

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Mon Mar 21 23:07:38 CST 2005

Dear All,

I wonder if anybody knows if the Museum of Natural History in Paris
(Entomology Collections) will be accessible on the 2-6th May.


Jason Mate

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>Subject: Re: [TAXACOM] Darwin core
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>"Berendsohn, Walter G." wrote:
> > - Darwin Core 2 (, "a simple set of
>data element definitions designed to support the sharing and integration of
>primary biodiversity data".
>* I'm undertaking to convert our database structure to compatiblility
>with the Darwin core structure, but despite many web pages that discuss
>this format I haven't been able to find one that lists the database
>structure and how data are to be coded. I'm sure such a page exists, and
>if someone could point me to it I'd be very thankful.
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