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I wonder if anyone has access to any of the following two publications about Hieracium, or has any idea on where to find them. The publications concerned are supplements to some of the more well-known works of Arvet-Touvet and it may be that they are bound and indexed together with the main publication in some libraries, but the supplements are obviously extremely rare and I have not been able to locate them in any library I have access to. However, according to other authors (e.g. Zahn) some important names first appears therein.

If possible I would need a copy or scanned version of these publications (which I believe consist of relatively few pages).

* Arvet-Touvet, C. 1872. Supplement sur Essai sur les Hieracium du Dauphiné. Grenoble.

* Arvet-Touvet, C. 1876. Supplement sur Monographie des Pilosella et des Hieracium du Dauphiné.

All kinds of hints that may help me locating these aare most wellcomed!

Torbjörn TYler


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