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Dear colleagues,

find below the announcement of the 7th R.J.H. Hintelmann Scientific
Award for Zoological Systematics organized by the "Freunde der
Zoologischen Staatsssammlung München e.V.".

Please distribute the announcement to all potential candidates.

With kind regards

Gerhard Haszprunar

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*Freunde  der
Zoologischen  Staatssammlung  M**ü**nchen  e. V.***

*7th R. J. H. Hintelmann Scientific Award *

* *

*for Zoological Systematics***

/Established by Mrs. Elisabeth Hintelmann /

/in memory of her husband Robert J. H. Hintelmann/

For outstanding achievements in zoological systematics, phylogenetics,
faunistics or zoogeography the association “Freunde der Zoologischen
Staatssammlung München e.V.” has the pleasure to announce the /7th
R.J.H. Hintelmann Scientific Award/. The first prize was awarded 2000 to
Dr. M.-O. Rödel, Würzburg, the second in 2001 to Dr. M. Jaschhof,
Greifswald, the third in 2002 to Dr. J. Spelda, Stuttgart, the fourth in
2003 to Dr. M. Balke, London, the fifth in 2004 to Dr. Shen-Horn Yen,
Taiwan, the sixth this year to Dr. V. Häussermann (Chile). The prize has
the value of Euro 5,000.- and its target group are preferably young
post-graduate scientists.

This prize is awarded not only in appreciation of the previous
scientific performance of the applicant, but the prize-winner will also
be given the opportunity to continue his/her research work in
coordination with the Zoologische Staatssammlung München (ZSM). This may
be carried out either by visiting the ZSM or by being provided with ZSM
materials for work elsewhere. The /7th R.J.H. Hintelmann Scientific
Award/ will be presented in January 2006 during a ceremony at the ZSM in
Munich, where the prize-winner has to provide a short lecture on his/her
research topics.

Nominations may name any young post-graduate scientist with outstanding
performance in the fields mentioned above. The pertaining proposal or
application should provide an account of the candidate’s scientific
achievement. In addition, curriculum vitae, list of publications, and
selected reprints (not more than five) have to be submitted. The
submitted documents remain with the awarding association.

Candidates may be nominated by any zoologist; self-nomination and
repetitive application in several years are also possible. The
prize-holder is elected on absolute majority basis by a jury appointed
by the executive committee of the “Freunde der Zoologischen
Staatssammlung e.V.” Depending on the quality of applications the
association reserves the right to withhold the award in any given year.

Please send *applications *or *nominations* until *July 15^th 2005 *to
the following address:

Freunde der Zoologischen Staatssammlung München e.V.

/R. J. H. Hintelmann-Wissenschaftspreis/

Münchhausenstrasse 21

D-81247 München, Germany

For further information please contact: <freunde at zsm.mwn.de>

Munich, March 2005

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