Bald eagle feathers; and "name of what?" (addendum)

Ken Kinman kinman2 at YAHOO.COM
Mon Mar 28 22:48:43 CST 2005

In my last post, I should have said a "less" restricted search (although this is probably evident from the context).  "My bad" for not proof-reading better.

     And also I never got back to Robin's comment this morning on the many bald eagles being poached near Vancouver.  This is apparently the result of the increasing popularity of powwows.  Not the traditional powwows, but those where large cash prizes are offered (often called "competitive" powwows).  Supposedly the San Jose powwow to be held this September is really escalating such prize money (powwows becoming big business, as opposed to the celebration of tradition).  This is apparently further compounded by the spread of such powwows to Europe and Japan.  Increased demand (whether prize money is involved or not) results in bald eagle feathers now going for up to $500.00 each on the black market.  Not a good thing for the traditions being celebrated, and certainly not good news for the bald eagles being killed to become parts of dancing costumes.  Such feathers can be legally acquired from the National Eagle Repository in Denver (although there is a long waiting list):

     ----- Ken Kinman

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