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Roderic D. M. Page at BIO.GLA.AC.UK
Tue Mar 29 07:50:56 CST 2005

By way of follow up to Ken Kinman's advice regarding Google, the
Taxonomic Search Engine (TSE, has a spelling
suggestion feature that partly uses Google's tools, but also uses a
database of taxonomic names in which it searches for near matches to
a user-supplied name.

If you type the name "Streptoprocne zonaria" and check the box marked
"Suggest alternative spellings", the TSE suggests  Streptoprocne
zonaris, which it then finds in the ITIS, uBio, and NCBI databases.



>Marco Gaiani wrote:
>      Is the White-collared Swift (try Googling Streptoprocne zonaris
>NOT Streptoprocne zonaria)
>in response to:
>Edwards Jr, G.B. who wrote:
>>Could someone please tell me what kind of winged theropod (i.e.
>>bird) this is?  :-)
>>Streptoprocne zonaria
>Dear All,
>       When you get no results at all in a Google search, it is
>probably even better to follow up with a more restricted search (in
>this case, searching for "Streptoprocne" only).  This would have
>quickly revealed the spelling error in the species name.  I might
>also add that this is just one more reason not to adopt PhyloCode

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