Syncarida meeting

Sybille Seifried sybille.seifried at MAIL.UNI-OLDENBURG.DE
Thu Mar 31 10:34:23 CST 2005

Syncarida meeting

I am about to reach the time that allows me more freedom to do what I
like. Part of this time will be devoted to resuming work that occupied
me long ago. I want to work again on Syncarida.

For a good start, I thought it would be nice to come to know personally
all those interested today in the study of this group of Crustacea. In
other words, I want to organize a meeting of all syncaridologists in say

August/September 2006. As I have no idea how many would be interested I
launch this balloon in the hope of receiving a reply from all those with

a real interest. This should mainly be systematists, limnologists and
groundwater ecologists. I would also be grateful if those not interested

themselves but knowing others who might be, if those spread this

I hope for a polyphonic echo. Please reply to my email address:
schminke at

Prof. Dr. Horst Kurt Schminke
AG Zoosystematik und Morphologie
Institut für Biologie und Umweltwissenschaften
Universität Oldenburg
D-26111 Oldenburg

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