Zooplankton of the South Atlantic Ocean DVD-ROM published

Peter Schalk pschalk at ETI.UVA.NL
Thu Sep 1 15:57:48 CDT 2005

On behalf of the authors and editor, ETI is proud to announce the
publication of the DVD-ROM "Zooplankton of the South Atlantic Ocean" which
is now available from ETI-IS Ltd (www.etiis.org.uk). Some statistics of the
Zooplankton of the South Atlantic Ocean DVD-ROM:
- Higher taxa treated: 1,370
- Species treated: 2,688
- Keyed out: nearly 1,400 taxa in 18 major groups
- Illustrations: ± 10,000
- Literature references: 3,345
- System size: 3.5 Gigabytes
A summary of its contents is given below. 
"Zooplankton of the South Atlantic Ocean" was build with the Linnaeus II
data management system, which consists of an indexed taxonomic (multimedia)
database system, coupled to computer-aided identification modules,
interactive geographic information system, literature and glossary database
in one Windows and Macintosh compatible environment. Linneus II builder can
be downloaded free of charge for academic use
(http://www.eti.uva.nl/products/linnaeus/obtain.php). In addition there is a
runtime version for publishing compact disks and a web publishing version
for making information available on the web. 
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Peter Schalk

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This DVD-ROM holds a taxonomic reference work covering 2,688 plankton
species, classified under 1,300 higher taxa, occurring in the South Atlantic
Ocean including the Medusae, Siphonophorae, Ctenophora, Chaetognatha,
planktonic Tunicata and Polychaeta, pelagic Gastropoda and Cephalopoda, and
a vast group of planktonic Crustacea. Sixteen of the 28 groups treated have
new interactive, illustrated keys to family, genus or species level. For
most groups geographic and vertical distribution patterns in the South
Atlantic, from the equatorial waters to the Antarctic circumpolar belt, are
given. General introductory information on morphology, reproduction,
development, feeding, production rates, etc. is included, and the literature
references provided will help guiding the student toward the relevant papers
on each subject. A section on methodology is part of this information system
as well. Common biological and specific morphological and geographical
terms, are captured in an illustrated glossary defining 1352 terms. All text
is ‘hyperlinked’, enabling quick navigation through the massive amount of
information. This authoritative work compiled by Prof. Demetrio Boltovskoy
holds contributions from 41 other oceanographers and marine biologists. This
DVD-ROM is an excellent source of information for marine biologists,
oceanographers, environmentalists and students and is a valuable addition to
any scientific library.

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