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Hopefully this society can avoid becoming the all too typical authoritarian evolutionary organization that attempts to marginalize evolutionary perspectives that do not conform to Darwinism. At least Italy has the legacy of the cladist and non-Darwinian biologist Daniele Rosa to consider.
John Grehan


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Sent: Sun 9/4/2005 11:04 AM
Subject: [TAXACOM] Italian Society for Evolutionary Biology

Dear Colleagues,

We are very pleased to announce the birth of the Italian Society for
Evolutionary Biology (for information, see the society's temporary web site,
at: The new society aims
to encourage the teaching of evolutionary theory in all Italian schools and
universities, and to defend it from the recent attacks of creationist
movements. The society also aims to stimulate research in evolutionary
biology by encouraging collaborations among Italian evolutionary biologists in
Italy and abroad, and between Italian researchers and their foreign colleagues.
The steering committee would also like to announce that the next Italian
Congress of Evolutionary Biology will take place at the end of August 2006 in
The steering committee is composed of:

Giorgio Bertorelle, University of Ferrara, President (ggb at
Gisella Caccone, Yale University, Vice-President (adalgisa.caccone at
Francesco Scalfari, University of Asti, Secretary-Treasurer (scalfari at uni-
Renato Fani, University of Firenze, Counselor (r_fani at
Marco Ferraguti, University of Milano, Counselor (marco.ferraguti at
Alessando Minelli, University of Padova, Counselor (alessandro.minelli at
Mariella Rasotto, University of Padova, Counselor (rasotto at
Francesco Santini, University of Toronto, Counselor
(francesco.santini at
Ivan Scotti, INRA, French Guyana, Counselor (scotti.i at

Membership of the society is open to everyone interested in evolutionary
biology. For queries regarding memberships, please contact the society's
secretary (scalfari at

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