ANNOUNCEMENT: World Grass Species database

Kehan Harman k.harman at KEW.ORG
Mon Sep 5 18:39:15 CDT 2005

Dear TAXACOM'ers,

I would like to draw your attention to some major developments in the
Kew World Grass Species Descriptions and Synonymy databases.  These
databases have been in development at Kew for the past decade, and
contains Delta descriptions for all 10,800 grass species using 1,090

You can visit the databases at:

We have implemented some major changes with these databases.  We have
now generated english descriptions in HTML format for all grass species
which supplement our current interactive key to grasses.  We have
included more documentation and a glossary of terms within Intkey, as
well as notes regarding individual characters.

There is also useful documentation on the use of the dataset as well as
some Delta and Intkey documentation.  The synonymy database allows you
to enter any grass name and it will give you the accepted name for that
species, as well as a link to the descriptions pages on the Kew website.
In addition to this you can produce checklists for geographical regions,
genera or both, all with links to descriptions.

These databases are still under development and further changes are
planned over the next few years.

If any of you find anything that you feel you could contribute to these
databases in way of corrections or additions to our descriptions please
see the 'How to make a contribution' page on the website.

Enjoy exploring the data and please don't hesitate to contact me
regarding queries.

Kind regards,
Kehan Harman


Mr. Kehan Harman
k.harman at

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